About Me

Hi Everyone,

I would like to start by introducing myself and letting you know some of my background.

I was born in Dover, New Hampshire in 1996 where my dad owned a car dealership. When I was three, my dad’s dealership went out of business, so we moved back to Columbia, Tennessee where my dad got another job at a dealership. I know it seems random that we moved to TN, but we had family in Nashville.

I grew up in Columbia where my little brother and sister were born. Man, little siblings can be annoying during this time… Anyways, after I graduated high school, I attended Oklahoma State University where I am now. Why OSU-OKC? It’s simple…money. I landed an academic scholarship here which put my tuition and housing cost next to nothing. I’m an English major with an arts history minor.

Now, the real question, why start this blog? Growing up, I have always been taught by my dad that a man’s accomplishments are what he makes of them. Basically, you control how your life turns out. My dad lived that and followed his dream of owning a car dealership. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out up in New Hampshire, but it didn’t stop him. He continued on and has quite recently just taken over the dealership in Tennessee as well. Looking ahead for my life, I was starting to get a little depressed as to the direction and options open to me. (What did I expect though for choosing an English major right?) I decided to change my outlook and start studying what builds a successful life? I started this blog as a way to record what I learn through my study, and I hope you will enjoy tagging along with me.


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