Learn Every Day – 5 Principles for a Successful Life

Learn every day. Learning is not obtained by chance. You can learn from anyone and anywhere if you are dedicated to being a willing and constant learner. You are missing one of the great joys of life if you aren’t learning every day.

Why learn. It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. Some people act with fear and others with excitement. No matter how much knowledge you absorb, someone will always know more. Everyone has something valuable to teach you if you are willing to listen and learn. As we age, your goals will change and because of this the skills, habits and knowledge you need to achieve them will change. The skills that helped you get through one area of life are only a building block for the next phase. There is always something to learn in your daily life. Slow down, pay attention and learn.

Learning from anywhere, from anyone. We love the idea of formal learning, from elementary to high school to college or grad school. There is great value in formal education but learning entails much more than attending class and passing an exam. True learning is about acquiring new information and applying it to your life. We learn by applying information from one area to a new situation. If you are considering a new career, look to others who have been successful in that area. Find someone who is willing and able to help. Not everyone knows the value of questioning those around us.

Opportunities to learn will occur throughout life at every turn. You will be able to take advantage of them and other times you many not even recognize them. You have the ability to try new opportunities to learn. Meet new people, ask new questions and become interested in other people. Ask the right questions, everyone has something interesting to say or a story to tell. One of the most important things someone can do to become successful is to learn something new every day. One way to do that is to read.

Learning requires engagement. You have to be engaged and focus all your attention on the activity at hand. It is easy when it is a subject and area you are interested in. Have a dream that excites you in an area that you can learn about for the rest of your life. Personal interaction and engagement are the requirements for learning. Make sure you are not simply present but engaged and ready to learn. Learning is a lifelong process and begins the minute you start to listen. Learn the lessons that will help you realize and define your dream.

Learning through failure. Be willing to learn new things every day. You can’t depend on what you’ve already been taught. Failure is not only an obstacle to be expected and overcome it is also an opportunity to learn. How you perceive failure will determine how you react to failure when it happens. A growth mindset that hard work matters will encourage you to achieve an outcome versus a smarter individual who wants to appear smart with little regard for learning. Why apply effort if you assume effort will not matter. Through effort and hard work, brains can grow and people can change. You can learn from an experience and how to improve. We can all improve on how to interact with others. Enjoyment of life keeps us going when we have to work hard and when we experience setbacks through interim failures. Learning something new can be an enjoyable experience. All people face a time when things change and old habits need to change. Never fail to learn from your failures. Be honest and don’t blame others when you don’t succeed. Be gracious in victory and resolute in defeat.


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